Appetizers and Small Plates

Fried Pickle Spears
Fresh dill pickle spears dipped in our pub batter deep fried and served with a side of house ranch.

Buffalo Style Chicken Wings
Fresh Chicken wings lightly breaded and fried, then tossed in our original buffalo sauce recipe. Served with Blue Cheese Dressing.

Fresh Chicken Tenders
Choose from crispy panko fried or our buffalo sauce style. Served with house Creole Mustard Sauce.

Nachos A Plenty
Enough for two, Layers of chips, spicy beef, tomato, onion, jalapenos, black olive, melted jack cheese, black bean and corn relish, sides of salsa, sour cream.

Fried Onion Petals
Sweet onion petals marinated in buttermilk dipped batter then deep-fried. With side of our house Louisianan dipping sauce.

Chickn Quesadillas
Grilled flour tortillas filled with jack cheese, onion, tomato and bell peppers. Sauteed chicken breast Louisiana style, with sides of sour cream and salsa.

East Coast Crab Cakes
Fresh lump crab meat with sour cream, Maryland Bay type seasoning, bread crumbs, onion pan-fried, served with house tartar sauce.

Shrimp Cocktail
Gulf shrimp boiled in Maryland Bay style seasonings, chilled and served with cocktail sauce and lemon.

Flat Bread
Olive oil, Italian seasoning, garlic, onion, kalamata olive, fresh mozzarella and tomato baked on Italian bread.

Sandwiches: Served with House Fries

Beef Burger
Cheese Burger
Bacon Cheese Burger
Fresh ground beef cooked to your doneness. Served on a brioche bakery roll w/ pickle spear, onion, lettuce and tomato.

Breast of Chicken
Grilled, Barbeque, Blackened or Breaded and fried. Your choice. Served on fresh brioche roll with lettuce, tomato and Creole mustard or Mayo on the side.

Jack’s Club Sandwich
Pit Ham, Smoked Bacon, Smoked Turkey and Swiss cheese, Grilled served on wheat toast with lettuce, and tomato. Mayo or Creole mustard on request.

Turkey Reuben
Smoked Turkey, finished with our house Cole slaw, Louisianan sauce and Swiss cheese on grilled Rye bread.

Big Cheese
Layers of Swiss, Provolone, Cheddar, Gouda and American cheese inside grilled fresh bakery bread with pickle and tomato on the side.

Fish fillet dipped in pub batter, deep fried and served on fresh bakery roll with sides of lettuce, tomato and house tartar sauce.

Chicken Salad
Made in house white meat chicken, mayo, onion, celery, pickle relish, egg, lettuce and tomato on fresh bakery roll.

Pulled pork shoulder slow roasted in our smoky barbeque sauce topped with house coleslaw. Served on fresh bakery roll and side of barbeque sauce.

Cuban Sandwich
Smoked ham, roast pork bacon, Swiss cheese, pickle, mustard, chipotle, mayo on grilled bread.

   Entrees: Served with tonight’s sides.

Add House Salad


*Pasta Entrees served with Garlic Bread and no sides

Blackened Salmon Fettuccine
Pacific Salmon blackened atop fettuccine tossed with our Cajun Creole cream sauce.

Pasta Alfredo Primevera
Linguiini tossed with fresh julienned vegetable in our Alfredo cream sauce. Add Chicken or Shrimp

Monterey Pasta
Linguini tossed with fresh julienned vegetable white wine, olive, garlic and butter sauce. Add Chicken or Shrimp

Fettuccine and Meat Ball
Tossed with our house red pasta sauce

Bacon Mac and Cheese Pontchartrain
Shell pasta cherry wood smoked bacon, house blends of cheese scallions, Cajun seasoning, toasted.


Chicken Sacramento
Chicken breast rubbed with our house blackening spice, grilled then topped with black bean, corn and tomato salsa, finished with a jack cheese blend.

Southwest Grilled Chicken
Chicken breast rubbed with our house blackening spice, grilled then topped with black bean, corn and tomato salsa, finished with a Jack cheese blend.

Chicken and Crab Hollandaise
Chicken breast sautéed, top with crab meat finished with sauce Hollandaise Algiers


Shrimp Specialties
Get your shrimp:

Dipped in seasoned pub batter then fried.

Lightly breaded in seasoned flour and panko mixture then fried.

Coconut coated breading, fried and served with our house passion fruit dipping sauce.

Louisiana sautéed with garlic butter and Cajun seasonings.


Filet of Beef center cut

Twin Tornados Beef Filet
Twin medallions tenderloin of beef grilled and served with side of sauce Hollandaise Algiers

Cromley Street Hot Brown
Toasted bakery bread under layers of Smoked turkey breast, cherry wood bacon, tomato, Shallots, Momay Parmesan Swiss cheese sauce.

Pork Loin
Boneless Loin of pork basted with garlic butter and seasonings char-grilled, or Pork medallions dredged with seasonings, sautéed, with Sauce Bordelaise.

Fish and Chips
Fillet of haddock dipped in our house pub batter deep fried served with house French Fries, tartar sauce and slaw. (No other sides)

Grilled or Blackened Salmon
Fresh salmon fillet grilled with garlic, salt, pepper and seasonings, or Salmon rubbed with oil and our house blackening spice.

Fresh Fish Catch Daily Market Price

Salads and Entrée Salads

House Salad
Fresh greens chopped daily blend of iceberg, red and green leaf lettuce, red onion, cucumber, carrot and tomato.

Salad Wedge
Ice berg lettuce wedge topped with bacon, chopped egg, red onion, tomato, Blue cheese crumbles, and Blue cheese dressing.

Grilled Chicken Salad
Fresh grilled chicken breast sautéed onion, and mushroom atop mixed greens, tomato, carrots, choice of dressing.

Blackened Chicken Salad
Breast rubbed with house blackening spice on top of mixed greens, tomato, egg, Monterey Jack cheese, choice of dressing. Recommend Louisiana Sauce.

Salmon Salad
Salmon grilled with house seasoning and fresh mixed greens, tomato, red onion, egg, carrot, choice of dressings. Salmon also available blackened.

BBQ Chopped Salad
Crisp tortillas, BBQ Chicken, Jack cheese, tomatoes, corn relish, red onion, mixed greens with creamy chipotle ranch dressing.

Chicken Milanese Caesar
Crispy chicken served with our classic Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese and toasted croutons

Strawberry Salad
Mixed fresh greens, strawberries, Goat cheese, toasted Pecans, with our citrus Balsamic Vinaigrette.

House Dressing

Citrus Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Roquefort Blue Cheese, 1000 Island, Ranch, Caesar, Louisiana Sauce (a Jacked up 1000 island), and Jackie Rays Italian Dressing.


(Ask about Today’s) Soup
Jack’s Chowder

Our creamy mild Cheddar cheese, potato, corn and house seasoning creation with a blend of fresh crab meat.


Baked Potato (fresh baked when available), Vegetable of the Day, Macaroni&Cheese, House French Fries, Potato of the Day, Cottage Cheese, Cole Slaw, Sauteed Garlic Spinach or Broccoli.

Kids Menu Choice

Choose from
Cheese Pizza or Macaroni & Cheese: or get choice of Grilled Cheese with fries, Hamburger with fries, Chicken Tenders with fries.

Coca Cola Products

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Coke Zero, Mellow Yellow

Iced Tea: Sweet or Non Sweet

Coffee: Regular or Decaffeinated

Lemon Aid or Arnold Palmers

IBC Root Beer

Milk or Juice: Orange, Tomato, Pinapple, Cranberry

On Premesis

Enjoy your favorite cocktails
Selections from our Wine List or House Beers


If we forget to ask you inquire with your server for “Today’s Choices”

Brownie Delight

Rich Chocolate Fudge Cake with Vanilla Cream topped with Chocolate Syrup

Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake

Layers of White Cake with Vanilla Cream and Crunchy Caramel

White Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Rich Cheese Cake on a Oreo Cookie Crust finished with Raspberry Sauce

Ricotta Cheese Cake

Cookie Crust filled with a sweet light Ricotta Cheese Cake topped Strawberries

Chocolate Spoon Cake

Chocolate Fudge and Mousse on a Chocolate Cookie Crust with Chocolate Icing with side of Ice Cream

Bourbon Walnut Bundt Cake

Yellow Cake dressed up with Bourbon, Sticky Sweet Praline Sauce and Walnuts side of Ice Cream

Boston Cream Pie

Sweet Creamy Vanilla Filling on Cookie Crust covered with Chocolate Icing

Ice Cream